Well, I am starting to get back on my feet – sort of.

I purchased a house in December of 2011.  I have spent almost every free moment in 2012 working on it – yeah; it was a ‘fixer-upper”.  But, I now have a place of my own.  And, it has a wide open basement (can you say. “Train Layout”?)

I still have a long way to go on my house – to get all those things done that I want to do – all the things that need to get done.  But, the house is livable.  And, I am enjoying the space.

In an effort to have a little fun, I set up the N-Trak modules I have.  (See diagram)  This layout is not an ideal setup.  But, it does give me something to work on – and work with.  I have many railroad projects that I am interested in.  And, this layout at least gives me a place to ‘run’ some trains.  And, my kids love it.

This layout uses the Red and Blue line in a ‘dog-bone’ loop.  The Yellow is a reverse loop at each end, which is automated with a ‘basic stamp’ and servo operated turn-outs.  I am using regular DC throttles on this layout.

Some of my future projects include more Basic Stamp applications, and some smaller modeling projects.

I am still working on the design of a small modular layout. I am making it modular as I cannot count on being in one place for very long.  This layout will be setup for DCC operations.  It will be small, and should be challenging – both to build and run (operate).

More later

I wish you the best.

God Bless

(Added March 22, 2013)