Not a lot has changed since the last entry (February).  But, there is some new direction…

I was able to find a party for my layout bench-work.  This is good as I was expecting to give it to the trash hauler (or give it to the fire pit – Smores anyone?).  Hopefully, the new owner can get some use out of it.  It is kind of sad for me, as this is a sure sign that my “layout” is gone, and so is the probability of it ever happening.

I was asked if I am getting out of railroading.  I would have to say, “no, not yet”.  I have been a model railroader for as long as I can remember.  I officially started with N Scale when I was 12 years old, but did HO with my dad for years before than.  So, model railroading is just part of me.  And, I can not see a future without it.  And, besides, my little girl loves the “choo-choos”.  She is actually getting old enough, with enough self control (and dexterity), that I may start introducing her to a RR throttle, and letting her do some RRing with me (more like running a train around a circle of track – it has to start some-where).

As far as a home layout dream… Well, let’s just say that I still have a dream.  But, it is a lot smaller, and more portable.

Several years back, I built a couple T-Trak modules.  This was mainly for club functions, and to encourage the participation of kids (N-Trak modules can sometimes be intimidating to kids – too big, all that wire, etc…).  The layout I am using at home is a 4 T-Trak module loop (on a table).  I am hoping to expand this layout (slowly), as time permits.

Years ago, when living at home (with my parents), I had very little space for railroading.  I built a single N-Trak module with a couple 2x3 balloon turn-around modules – to make a small home layout.  This worked well.  And, because of the limited space, I was forced to use “selective compression” in my modeling.  I am now taking that compression concept to the T-Trak world.

Lately, I am doing a bit of “arm-chair” modeling (computer aided designing).  And, more specifically, I have been designing a couple T-Trak modules that will heavily use the “selective compression” concept (VERY HEAVY COMPRESSION).  Not sure if I will ever get to build some of my designs.  But, I can always dream…

Until next time, God Bless.

(Added May 24, 2010)