Yes, it happened!  As much as I did not want to.  We moved.  I have to admit that moving was a hard thing for me to do.  But, the house we moved to is great.  It was hard not to move.  But, when you collect as much "personal property" as I have, it is hard to move.  And, the thought of moving that much "stuff" is very daunting.

I did not get very far on the layout.  I was able to complete about 60% of the bench work.  The layout was taken apart in pieces.  And, I plan to use the same layout plan in the new house - using as much of the existing pieces (bench work) as I can.

The layout will fit into a room that is slightly larger.  So, I get to expand the layout slightly.

When I get a firm I idea of what I will do, I will post the plan...  ("Ah.... back to planning").

God Bless......

(added January 21, 2009)