Well, I decided to start building my layout...  I am just not that good at letting things lay dorment.

Here is the final plan:

This is not much different than the last time I posted this image.  The only real difference is refined track-work around the Duluth Depot and Mott Mine.  I also squared off the back of the layout behind the Duluth Depot.  I will install a turnout in that area to connect to staging (I will call this the Duluth Staging yard).

Here is the start of the bench-work design:

I will 1x4 frame most of this (or something close to 1x4s).  And, will use a Luann plywood top - with 2 inch foam on top of that as the sub-roadbed.  I am building the framework in stages.  Partly because I do no want to build this all at once.  But, mostly because I am not sure I will not need to move it.  I am hoping that by building it in sections, it will be easier to disassemble.

Here is an Elevation view:

The layout (track level) will be 48 inches from the floor.  There will only be one spot where the track dips down to 47.5 inches.  But, for the most part, the layout track will all by at the same level (no grades).

The use of foam is by design.  I plan on having very little "flat" surfaces - where the vegetation is.  For the most part, the Proctor yard will be flat.  But, the rest of the layout will have uneven terrain.  

I hope to post some pictures of my progress...  But, for now, I am busy with bench-work.  Yeah!!!!

God Bless......

(added December 26, 2007)