One of the things that I am coming to realize is that the design I have come up with has some elements that I am not sure I want in a layout.  The two level design is great.  It allows a lot of track in a given area.  However, I am not nuts about the helix.  I would like to run steam power.  And, most steam power available today does not pull the greatest.  And, I am not sure I want the headaches of trying to get them up a hill (helix).

Another item I am not sure about is the layout size.  I did a rough calculation and determined the mainline to have well over 250 feet of mainline track.  This initially sounds very appealing.  However, that is a lot of track to clean.  I think I would eventually like to have a mainline with that much (or more) track.  But, initially, I think something a little more manageable is in order.  So, I think I am back to the drawing board on layout design.

Well, as you can imagine, since the birth of our child, I have been getting in no railroading.  I have very little (ie...none) time right now to devote to a layout I would like to build. So, in the mean time, I have assembled all my N-Trak modules to at lea`st give me a place to run my Choo-Choos.  I guess a "Dream Layout" will have to wait for now.

Here is a diagram of my "module" layout...

(added July 23, 2007)