Here is a revised system map.  Most of it is fairly close to what I had before.  I added some detail in the Proctor area.  I added a reference to Munger.  And, I added a Helix.  

The biggest change has occurred to my actual layout area - it is smaller than before (or more confined).

The area of my existing layout is currently over the plumbing for a basement bathroom that is not yet installed.  And, since I do not want to relocate this plumbing - I need to alter my layout area (since I intend to install the bathroom in the near future).  The layout area is now 12 feet wide and 12 feet deep - with a 5 x 5 wing on one corner (see picture).

area.jpg (69487 bytes)

So, given this new area, I have tried to figure out how much layout bench-work I fit into this area - with the goal being a minimum of 30" aisle ways.  See attached picture for the alternate ideas I have come up with.

ideas.jpg (155145 bytes)

The layout plan I am leaning towards is the one in the lower right corner of the above picture.  This one seams to be the most inviting.  And, should give me plenty of track room (if multi-level) and ample operator room.

Now the trick of laying out the system map to the bench-work area.

(added August 4th, 2006)