This Layout System Map might be a little aggressive - trying to fit it in the area I have..  But, it really has all that I would like to include into my layout.  I may decide later that I would like to add or omit something.  But, that is in the future.

The following PDF files show the available space I have.  They also show the options of layouts I have been considering.  My goal was to make sure I followed the Givens and Druthers as closely as possible.  And, to use the space as efficiently as possible.  I want decent isle space.  But, I also want maximum main-line track length.  I think 7a below is the one I am leaning towards.  But, there are still some things I am having difficulties with.  Like, how do I lay the system map (above) onto the layout space.  I know what I want on the layout (system map), and I know the space that I have - and possible maximum layout configuration.  But, I do not know how to lay out the track to match the system map.  I expect I will have multiple levels - at least on the one side (left side).  But, how do I know where to place the towns, etc...   I know this sounds stupid.  As I expect the solution to be obvious.  But, right now, I have a mental block, and it is not obvious.  I guess I will keep chugging away, and post more when I get closer.

Layout idea 3

Layout idea 4

Layout idea 6

Layout idea 7a

(added July 18th, 2006)