My Dream Layout.... 


Well, since my last message, I have operated two different layouts.  One was Huge (and that is an understatement).  I only had a small part.  But, it did give me a good taste of what a big layout has to offer.  The other layout was one of our club member's layout - Ken's Clinch Field.  It is a great layout to operate.  For the one session, I was an engineer.  Then I switched and did the Dispatch position.  I goofed up on both of these positions.  But, I sure did learn a lot.

But... continuing with the layout design, I found a couple websites that can help.

Layout Design Primer

The Ten Commandments of Model Railroad Yard Design

I have doodled with the layout design - nothing that I really like yet.  Most are just ideas - to see if something works.  I was kind of hoping that I would see a layout design that pops out and says, "this is it - the one that I am going to make".  But, nothing yet.  I am kind of thinking that this will not happen, and that I will be settling on a layout design because it is the best I could come up with.  I kind of think I should wait on building anything until I get the "got to have this one" feeling.  Otherwise, I feel that I will be settling on a design that I may not like.  However, it has been fun and educational so far.

More later...

(above added July 7th, 2006)