This page will show you how to cross the pins from the Parallax Stamp to the Scott Edward Electronics Basic Stamp.

This is the Scott Edward Counterfeit Stamp.

Notice how the header pins are connected (and their description).

se_st04.jpg (149150 bytes)  Schematic (click image for larger picture).

This is the BS1-IC Stamp from Parallax.

plx_st03.jpg (123660 bytes) Schematic (click image for larger picture).

Conversion Pin Table.

Counterfeit Stamp Pin

Parallax BS1 Stamp Pin

+6 to 15 vdc - pin 1 of the 1x2 header 1 (pwr)
Gnd - pin 2 of the 1x2 header 2 (gnd)
Ground I/O header 2 (gnd)
PC pin 1 of the 1x3 header 2 (gnd)
PC pin 2 of the 1x3 header 3 (pco)
PC pin 3 of the 1x3 header 4 (pci)
+5 volt I/O header 5 (+5v)
(this is the reset button) 6 (res)
I/O Port 0 7 (p0)
I/O Port 1 8 (p1)
I/O Port 2 9 (p2)
I/O Port 3 10 (p3)
I/O Port 4 11 (p4)
I/O Port 5 12 (p5)
I/O Port 6 13 (p6)
I/O Port 7 14 (p7)


Final Thoughts:

If you compare the schematics of each stamp, the pin cross reference will become obvious.

You might want to consider purchasing the carrier board for the BS1 from Parallax.  However, this is not needed.  You can use a 14pin simm socket (use half of a 28 pin dip chip socket) and solder your wires to the socket pins.  That way if you ever need to change the Stamp for any reason, it can be easily unplugged.